Artist’s Statement

I was introduced to art as a young boy in Cleveland, Ohio, while sitting in on art classes with my mother and her friends. From pen and ink, I moved on to a love of vivid colors, bold designs and an expression of my inner visions and imagination. I have studied Japanese Sumi brushwork, and done stained glass and Indian beadwork, but my primary love is painting. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin and have shown my paintings in Sonoma, Glen Ellen, Sausalito, Oakland, Ventura and at Stanford University. My earlier abstract work focused on the inner challenge to transcend the physical world to experience expanded levels of light and awareness – often employing a mandala-like format. In 1978 I taught a course at World University in Ojai, Calif., entitled “Art and Altered States of Consciousness.” While continuing to work as an artist, I explored eclectic pursuits in music, holistic health, government service and teaching. I have traveled widely, including a yearly trip to India in connection with my spiritual path. My attraction to the Southwest and affinity for Native American culture and lifestyle is also clearly present in many of my works. More recently, I have embarked on a new direction and style, using realistic subject matter, often taken from my wife Lynn’s photographs. I enhance them for a novel effect; then I translate that to canvas using acrylic paint for a unique and vibrant feel. My goal as an artist is to share my inner world visions and external world impressions in colorful and thought-provoking paintings that add joy, richness, inspiration and light to the world around me.